Published september 28th, 2015

The resulting effects of Umeå2014

Umeå can now enjoy a variety of positive effects as the result of Umeå2014. These effects include a broader range of cultural activities with new […]

Published september 28th, 2015

EU final report: Benefits and lessons learned

The European Commission final report on the European Capitals of Culture has been published. It explains how Umeå and R?ga developed their application, designed their […]

Published juni 11th, 2015

Get a Spanish cultural boost

Donostia / San Sebastián in Spain, one of the two European capitals of Culture 2016, has started an innovative programme of subsidies for cultural initiatives, based […]

Published juni 10th, 2015

Umeå moved boundaries

A well-executed European Capital of Culture Year that provided tremendous cultural variety of the highest quality, excellent public attendance, positive total funding and a strong […]

Published juni 10th, 2015

Together we created the European Capital of Culture Year

What was the most important component of creating the European Capital of Culture Year? Fredrik Lindegren, artistic director, gives his reply to this question and […]

Published juni 10th, 2015

Sami culture was made visible during 2014

Sami culture and the Sami people had a central place in Umeå’s Capital of Culture year. The programme offered opportunities for progress and knowledge but […]

Published juni 5th, 2015

Thanks to all our co-creators!

We have proven ourselves bold, wild and professional – an outdoor opera in August, performances on the frozen river and mind-blowing projections on the façade […]

Published maj 4th, 2015

PwC evaluating Umeå2014: A successful cultural year

A bit into 2015, Umeå can look back on a well-done European Capital of Culture Year that provided tremendous cultural variety of the highest quality, […]

Published april 27th, 2015

Book published about Umeå’s memorable year as Capital of Culture

Umeå’s year as the European Capital of Culture has now been commemorated as a book. The book, entitled Umeå. Europas kulturhuvudstad 2014 (”Umeå. European Capital […]

Published februari 25th, 2015

Umeå’s Capital of Culture year on film

The short film Co-Creating the Capital of Culture are filled with events from Umeå’s Capital of Culture year. Now you can watch the film here. During […]

Published januari 16th, 2015

Experience the Northern Light show again

European Capital of Culture Umeå2014’s last big show Northern Light took place in Umeå on the 13th of December, 2014. Now you can experience the […]

Published december 19th, 2014

Thank you!

The European Capital of Culture year is about to end but the cultural city Umeå remains and continues to develop. Thank you all creators and […]

Published december 13th, 2014

The Grand Finale

Umeå2014 is coming to an end and, although the year is not yet over, residents and visitors to Umeå were able to enjoy the grand […]

Published december 11th, 2014

Silent film concert closes UEFF

The closing act of the 2014 Umeå European Film Festival is a silent film concert. Two films from 1927 or 1928 will be accompanied by […]

Published december 1st, 2014

Film in many ways

The Umeå European Film Festival starts Friday 5 December. During nine days there will be feature films, short films, documentaries, family films, a horror night, […]

Published december 1st, 2014

Umeå Joins Royal Visit to France

King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden will pay a state visit to France 2-4 December 2014 at the invitation of French President […]

Published november 25th, 2014

Being the One Telling the Story

In the documentary photography project Us and Them, eight Umeå photographers have invited others to participate in the creation process to shake up ingrained notions […]

Published november 21st, 2014

The Season of a Journey Begins

Umeå’s year as the European Capital of Culture is coming to a close. The year’s eighth and final season, Tjakttjadálvvie (early winter), was inaugurated on […]

Published november 20th, 2014

Local Children Explore and Exhibit Their Surroundings Using Photography

Through workshops, a visit to an exhibition and practical work, three classes of Umeå kindergartners have been given the chance to explore their local surroundings […]

Published november 18th, 2014

The Minister for Culture praises Umeå’s openness and commitment

After a two-day visit to the city, Sweden’s Minister for Culture and Democracy, Alice Bah Kuhnke, is impressed with Umeå’s modern commitment. The minister attended […]

Published november 14th, 2014

Professor at Umeå University appointed Latvian Honorary Consul

Peter Sköld, Professor of History and Director of the Arctic Centre at Umeå University (Arcum), has by the Latvian Foreign Ministry been appointed to be […]

Published november 13th, 2014

She photographs people who will not be silenced

The award-winning Russian photographer Victoria Ivleva comes to the Human Rights Forum in Umeå, where she will be talking with a member of the artist […]

Published november 12th, 2014

Northern Light – a brilliant show on 13 December

Our Capital of Culture year is coming to a close but Umeå will continue shining as a city of culture. At 7pm on Saturday, 13 […]

Published november 11th, 2014

Västerbotten County Locals Choose Culture over Sport

Sport or culture? Ask residents of Västerbotten County which they prefer to enjoy on their night off and their answer will likely be culture. What’s […]

Published november 7th, 2014

Multimedia Tribute to Water

The final exhibition to be held in NorrlandsOperan’s Vita Kuben exhibition space this autumn, One Water – Many Rivers , is a cinematographic tribute to […]

Published november 7th, 2014

Which of Umeå’s creators are your favorites?

Nominations can now be submitted for the 2014 Umeå Creator Prize (Umeå skaparpris), which recognises the talents of local creative people. The prize will be […]

Published november 5th, 2014

Dress rehearsal for the new city library

During the week of 12-18 November, Umeå’s new city library will open for a test run to ensure everything is ready, in preparation for the […]

Published november 4th, 2014

Human rights activist praised in Umeå

This year’s Per Anger Prize will be awarded in Umeå on 13 November as part of the city’s Swedish Forum for Human Rights event. The […]

Published oktober 31st, 2014

Cultural Boost for Sami art

The exhibition Sami prism with four Sami artists gets a Cultural Boost from Umeå 2014. The four Sami artists have fundamentally different ways of expression […]

Published oktober 29th, 2014

The body as a tool and the imagination as a playground

Newly started Teater Utkik receives a Cultural Boost from Umeå2014 as co-financing for their kids show Help, the box is empty! which will premiere in […]

Published oktober 29th, 2014

Wants to give everyone access to the music

Kristina Sturk wants give people who for various reasons are not reached by the regular selection of concert music a chance to experience live music […]

Published oktober 29th, 2014

Greta Garbo in Umeå

Sweden’s biggest film star of all time comes to Umeå when Ottiliana Rolandsson gives us parts of her piece ”I Was Greta Garbo” at the Women’s […]

Published oktober 27th, 2014

The circle closes with Waves

Waves of motion poetry and soulful pop in a symphonic garb. Waves by the French choreographer pair Héla Fattoumi and Éric Lamoureux, with original music […]

Published oktober 27th, 2014

Children light up the early winter

Umeå’s children have been invited to the inauguration of Tjakttjadálvvie (early winter), the last of season of Umeå’s European Capital of Culture year. The kids […]

Published oktober 27th, 2014

Master of classical music in Umeå

The second piano evening in the series Beethoven Inspires will take place November 20 and will be performed by the Romanian pianist Eduard Stan. The […]

Published oktober 24th, 2014

Matera to be 2019 European Capital of Culture in Italy

The selection panel of independent experts responsible for assessing the Italian cities competing to be European Capital of Culture in 2019 has recommended that Matera […]