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8 seasons – 8 films

Eight short films about the Sami seasons will be created by the Hijven association in Tärnaby. The aim of this project is to spread knowledge about traditional and modern Sami life and the feelings that the eight seasons represent. Focus will be on Sami artistic expressions like joik, dance, painting, animation, handicraft, design etc.

Read an interview with Oskar Östergren about his project.

The 8 seasons and their respective artists:
Daelvie (Deep win­ter): Monica Ed­mond­son, glass art
Gïjre-daelvie (Early spring): So­fia Jannok, mu­sic
Gïjre (True spring): Ola Stin­ner­bom, stage art
Gïjre-giesie (Early summer): Oliver Is­ra­els­son, handiwork
Giesie (True summer): An­ders Sun­na, visual arts
Tjaktje-giesie (Early autumn): Lena Sten­berg, photo/in­stal­la­tions
Tjaktje (True autumn): Lena Lun­din Skott, handiwork
Tjaktje-daelvie (Early winter): To­mas Col­bengt­son, graphics/glass art

Album showing all 8 films

Photo: Alexander Cahlenstein (CC BY 2.0) (not involved in this project)

Organizer: Hijven
Contact: Oskar Östergren

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