8 seasons, 8 sports, 8 events

In 2014, the Västerbotten sports federation give extra attention to eight sports and eight events in Västerbotten, to emphasize that sports is culture. The events are spread geographically across the county, because European Capital of Culture year is a matter for the whole of Västerbotten.

Deep winter: Volleyball, Norsjö 15-16 febr
Early spring: Alpine Swedish Championship, Tärnaby 28-30
Trye spring: BBQ Jam – skateboard, Folkparken Skellefteå
Early summer: Nordic Light Beach Soccer, Boviken Skellefteå
Summer: Equestrian, Wilhelmina
Early autumn: Umeå Scandic Cup, floorball
True autumn: Gymnastics, The Ling Day in Umeå
Early winter: Disability, Lycksele

Organizer: Västerbottens idrottsförbund
Contact: Bitte Torbjörnsdotter
Västerbottens Idrottsförbund
SISU Idrottsutbildarna

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