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8 x Art

The 8 x Art project involves eight different artistic representations linked to the Sami seasons that are featured throughout the European capital of culture year. These representations can be anything from permanent exhibitions to temporary performances. Projects include a gigantic clothes peg, the transformation of the Vasaplan bus terminus and an artistic campsite.

Skin 4 by Mehmet Ali Uysal
Skin 4 is a permanent artistic installation. It will be ready just in time for the start of our capital of culture year. Sculptural in form, Skin 4 is a nine-metre high wooden clothes peg that is integrated into the surrounding grass. It is being created by internationally famous Turkish artist Mehmet Ali Uysal. This project has been contributed to both with ideas and finance in collaboration with Balticgruppen. It is one element in an ambition to enrich the area around our river and Umeå Arts Campus with public art.

When the new travel center in Hörnefors was planned, Umeå Municipality also made plans for the renovation of the walking lane along the Hörneån river. An old beautifully situated potato cellar got some well-deserved attention and the site is now enriched with a new exhibition room (photo). At the Jordart exhibition room passers-by can now see the art installations featured behind the massive glass wall, and also enjoy the building itself with its non-plastered forecourt and its beautiful arched cellar ceiling. A place for unexpected encounters.

Convoy is an installation and performance that takes its inspiration from Sami tradition, ecology and mythology. Convoy seeks to mobilise and activate our shared responsibility to achieve sustainable development. It does this via a collective performance that uses symbols such as growing grass and prams. The installation will be shown in Ljusgården, (the atrium) at Umeå City Library during the period 30 April to 18 May. The performance will be presented on two occasions, the first time as part of the Sami seasons inauguration Gïjrra on the Town Hall Square on April 30, at 14:00. The second time, in connection with the MADE Festival on May 10, at 18:00. Read more about the project

Vasaplan, Umeå’s central hub for public transport, is facing a major overhaul. To help put focus on the design issues at an early stage, Umeå municipality will incorporate the opinions of the public and then hire artists to help shape the future Vasaplan. Several public events will be arranged on Vasaplan during September and October 2014 to collect the opinions of the citizens. The result will then become part of the basis for further work before the renovations begin.¨ Read more about the project

Konstcampen (Art Camp) allows culture to take possession of new and unexpected arenas. For example, what happens if a band of artists rolls up in a pimped-out caravan at a camping site and erects a large tent? In Konstcampen the artists offer, amongst other things, film showings and workshops.

Avalanche 2014
Avalanche is a street art project that wants to establish a platform in Västerbotten for people who are interested in graffiti culture. Regardless of gender, geography, socio-economics, age or disability, Avalanche want to make the art form available for all. In August 2014 inspiring lectures, performances and, of course, graffiti painting will be arranged at the graffiti wall on the I20-area. About the event

The Nordic Watercolour Festival
A major pan-Nordic event with a workshop and an exhibition about watercolour painting is held during June 13 – June 15. Invited professional Nordic artists with watercolor painting as a specialty will lead the lectures. These artists will also present a joint exhibition in Ljusgården (the atrium) at Umeå City Library, which will be open to the public. About the event

Bill 365
A collaborative project between Umeå artist Bill Olson and his daughter Anja Arnqvist, a dance artist. The project includes an exhibit at the Västerbotten Museum at the end of 2014. The drawings, which was created daily during a whole year, are the basis for the whole exhibition, but the series of activities and events associated these works are in themselves of equal interest. Regular evening programs will consist of artist conversations, dance performances by and with Anja Arnquist and concerts with, among others, Göran Strandberg. About the event

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