City atmosphere

Anonym But Creative

This project has an urban renewal aspect using art for enhancing social identity and citizen affection towards their town. By personalizing windows, house facades or non-functional urban areas, the city can reclaim a special atmosphere and representation in the peoples mind. Each citizen becomes an artist using their house or can play host to artists’ pieces of work. With this project, art comes to the citizens in their daily-life and functional areas, transforming classical architecture, anonymous and standard urban areas into a place made for exchanges, discovery, social interaction and culture. Being built using the citizens’ imagination, which requires their willingness and cooperation to run the project through an associative structure, the inhabitants will be empowered to feel stakeholders and ambassadors of their town. This project will be the public demonstration of Umeå as a creative community and will give visibility to the art.

Let citizen’s involvement build their city!

Arrangör: Studiefrämjandet in Umeåregionen
Kontakt Sandrine Moretti

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