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Archive calendar Umeå anno 2014

What happened back then? How did people react when Umeå burned down in 1888? When was it decided that Umeå would get a university? Who was the man who hung himself in the woods? What did it look like in Mariehem in the 60’s? In the digital archive calendar Umeå anno 2014, snapshots from the archives will be displayed. Every day in 2014, a new document related to the current date and Umeå’s history will be published at

The archive calendar becomes The National Archives’ (Riksarkivet) contribution to Umeå2014 and is created in collaboration with Umeå City Archives, The Popular Movement Archives in Västerbotten, The Corporate Archives in Västerbotten and The Research Archives at Umeå University. The purpose of the website is to highlight the cultural heritage stored in the region’s archives and to showcase their treasures of culture and history.

Mer info:
Kontakt Lina Marklund
Landsarkivet i Härnösand
+46 10-4768084

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