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For preschool teachers

Children leaves marks

Bildmuseet and Idean want to make Umeå’s pre-schoolers more visible and are collaborating in a project about young children and self-portraits.

During the spring of 2014, continuing training is offered for preschool educators about children, art and creativity. Preschools are invited to participate in the project, which will conclude with a celebration on May 7 to 10. The work may look differently at different preschools. The processes will be documented and may result in exhibitions in the children’s immediate environments.

The project begins November 12, 2013 with inspirational talks about children and art by Maria Taube, art educator at Moderna museet.

Children leaves marks is part of the two-year EU project Contemporary self-portrait [Samtida självporträtt] where Bildmuseet is collaborating with art academies in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Ireland in order to develop art pedagogical methods. In May 2014, there will be a conference where the project is summarized and presented to a wide audience.

Organizer: Bildmuseet and Idéan
Contact: Lisa Lundström
Curator of education, Bildmuseet
Phone 090-786 70 12

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