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Children´s voices on Europe

This project involves pupils at Hedlunda School in Umeå and is set to further excite their interest in Europe´s countries and cultures.

“We want to hear directly from children expressing their views and ideas in their own words,” explains Maria Engström of Kulturstorm, the non-profit organisation running the project. “It is certainly also often easier and less demanding to be asked to express yourself orally rather than to have to put ideas into writing.”

The work is divided into three phases in spring 2013:

  • A number of activities and/or workshops with a European theme for the project’s school children.
  • Recording of the children´s views and voices on Europe.
  • Playing of the children’s voices at an event in May 2013.

Kulturstorm’s work seeks to expand cultural life and involve more children and young people in culture – not only as consumers, but as producers too.

Part of a the project is a creating a gigantic textile flower which received a cultural boost of SEK 20,014. To add an innovative touch to the playing of the recordings, local artists are being engaged to use various textiles to make a pillow-like gigantic flower (approx. 1.2 m in diameter). This will incorporate light and sound. Visitors can lie down and rest their heads on the flower´s “pillow petals”. The idea is that, in a relaxed and entertaining way, each visitor will be able to listen to the children´s voices and views on Europe.

Organizer: Kulturstorm
Contact: Maria Engström, +46 70-415 04 58

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