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Challenging Power

Challenging Power is part of the Umeå Capital of Culture year and is all about to challenge power relations, raising questions about norms and power in a structural context in order to bring about long-term changes, within and through culture. For example, it involves asking questions such as: Who has access to culture? Who is the culture practitioner and who is the consumer? Which representations are portrayed in the performing arts, whose perspective is conveyed?

The ambition for Umeå2014 has been that this is something that will permeate the entire program year. For example, by:

  • Focusing on norm-critical projects.
  • Providing support to the project owners in their norm-critical process.
  • Doing follow ups on how projects deal with equality and accessibility, via questionnaires and dialogue.
  • Contributing to the creation of platforms and networks that will question, discuss and interact through forms such as seminars, conferences, and long-term forums.
  • Taking advantage of, visualizing and disseminating experiences from Challenging Power locally, as well as nationally and in Europe.

The theatre project Making Senses is also part of Challenging Power.

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