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Convoy is an installation and performance that takes its inspiration from Sámi tradition, ecology and mythology. Convoy seeks to mobilize and activate our shared responsibility to achieve sustainable development. It does this via a collective performance that uses symbols such as growing grass and prams. The prams symbolize delicate fragility. At the same time they also represent gentle safekeeping and hope for the future.

Gunilla Samberg, an Umeå artist, is the mastermind behind Convoy. Umedalen Skulptur is just one of the many places where she has works on show. Convoy will be staged in central Umeå throughout the entire exhibition of which it forms part.


Exhibition at the City Library, 30 April to 18 May 2014.

Collective performance, April 30, Convoy with sixteen drivers.

Individual performance. The drivers take their carts for a stroll, May 2 to May 18

Collective performance. In connection with the MADE festival, there will be a collective performance on May 10 at Operaplan.

Convoy film. The project will be documented by the production company Lampray and the film will be made available online.

Convoy is also part of the project 8 x Art.

Organizer: Gunilla Samberg
More information:
Contact: Gunilla Samberg
+4690- 12 02 66
+4670- 6939171

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