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Different, But Still the Same

European choreography and dance tradition metts the tradition developed in the Seychelles that carry traces from Europe as well as Africa and Asia.

The show will open in the Seychelles in the end of April 2014 and after that tour the country as well as South Africa, Madagascar and Mauritius. During the summer of 2014 the show will also visit one of Umeå’s sister cities, as well as Riga (also being a European Capital of Culture in 2014). During the fall of 2014 the dance project will do the final shows in Umeå and Västerbotten. In connection with the shows, workshops for young people will be held.

The project is a collaboration between choreographers and dancers Hampus Bergenheim and Denise Rose. (photo)

Contact: Hampus Bergenheim
+46 73-844 92 21

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