Europe's Leading Storytelling Theater

The tradition of storytelling has a powerful standing in Västerbotten both orally and through the written word. We are enriched by great writers and beloved scenic storytellers, and have a county theatre that, since the turn of the millenium, has worked hard to become “professionals at storytelling theatre”. This stage art of Västerbottensteatern has caught the attention of the critics and the public both locally and nationwide.

Now the theatre company is targeting to conquer Europe by telling their stories in English or by using subtitling . The plan is to develop their storytelling as a specific means of expression, in order to enhance their artistic profile and to become one of the leading storytelling theatres in Europe. By using our past, present and future as a springboard, the theatre company aims to provide the public with willful and unique stories and powerful experiences.

Organizer: Västerbottensteatern
Contact: Robert Herrala
+4670-569 56 31

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