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Football musical

Fair Game

Between 2012 and 2014 Kulturverket is working with children with long-term illnesses, their families and schools to write a football musical. Alongside Kulturverket’s artists and other culture workers the children will create music, lyrics, characters and events – artistic building blocks that will then be interpreted and shaped by professional authors, composers, artists and singers.

The football musical Fair Game will be performed on 6 June 2014 at the T3 Arena in Umeå. Some of the big names in Swedish football, both men and women, will play the actual game. Collaborators on the project include Italy and Portugal, several local artists and Umeå Municipality.

The Swedish writer Peter Kihlgård has made the groundwork for the creation by naming the  the different chapters for the performance. Professional artists, composers, musicians, singers and dancers will complete the show. This project is the final piece of a project called Läkekonst (“the art of healing”) launched by Kulturverket (an activity in Umeå where young people tell professionals what to do) in co-operation with the Childhood Cancer Association, the Play Therapy and the Hospital school at the University Hospital of Norrland . Läkekonst is a project funded by the Swedish Inheritance Fund Commission while Fair game is a part of Umeå2014.

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October 2011: Kulturverket works together with Portugal

Organizer: Kulturverket
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