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Fair Opera

Fair Opera is a five-year music, dance and song project that Kulturverket has been working on since 2010. The final result will be a musical drama performance about justice, dignity, freedom of speech and children’s rights as defined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Children from Umeå and Rome developed the ideas for the music and the libretto for the performance. Then students in the script-writing discipline at Umeå University and music institutes in Riga, Piteå, Rome and Perugia interpreted their work.

Now Jan Sandström, composer and professor and librettist KG Johansson are working to combine all the ideas into a full-scale performance.

Fair Opera will be performed in Umeå in March of 2014. On stage we will see and hear students from Umeå Musical Theatre Academy at Strömbäcks folkhögskola.

Arrangör: Kulturverket
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