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Culture of Birds

Birds over Europe

In the project Fåglarna visar vägen (“The Birds Show the Way”) Umeå gets its own cultural birds. Via the internet and apps everyone can follow the cultural birds as they migrate from the Ume delta through Europe to Asia or Africa and back again. Knowledge about Umeå is spread continuously, not only through activities along the migration routes but also through collaborations at sites where the birds choose to rest. Headed by Umeå Fågelförening (Umeå Bird Society) the project will also include outdoor exhibitions and cultural events with an avian theme, all the while breaking new scientific ground.

Around the end of April a huge homecoming party will be held for all the birds returning to Umeå after spending winter down south.

Organizer: Umeå Fågelförening
Contact: Per Hansson
+4670 633 55 97

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