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Frostbyte is a series of computer games events that are to reach their climax in 2014. They are being organised by non-profit organisation UmeLAN and UNF (Sweden´s youth temperance association). The event aims to create a meeting place where all computer game players can meet and, regardless of gender, age and background, have fun together.

The organisers also want to contribute to young people feeling that they can be a part of building the capital of culture year.

The first event took place in Umeå´s Gamla Slakteriet (“old abattoir”) from 27 to 29 October 2012. The three days included competitions and tournaments in Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends and StarCraft II.

Frostbyte was awarded a cultural boost from Umeå2014 to organizt the event in 2012.

Organizer: UmeLAN
More information:
Contact: Adam Dahlgren

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