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Presence-abscense of light

The Beacon

The theme of this art project is the Presence-Absence of Light, hence the name Fyren (“The Beacon”). A beacon is a light in the night that will prevent you from running aground; a blessing that can find the right passage through for a safe journey home.

Art is always present in the church: in the architecture, textiles, paintings and decorations. So, to display excisting art is already a part of our work.

The existential perspective, while looking at darkness and light, is something that can be a special contribution from the church (of Sweden) to a process already in motion.

This project is a challenge to create new art and give contemporary art and artists a more prominent role in the Swedish Church. Four new works of art on the theme of Light will be presented in four of Umeå’s churches. Two assignments are given regionally, one internationally and one to a Sami artist.

Read about the opening, and the different artists and their new art work

Arrangör: Umeå 2014, Church of Sweden, Sensus studieförbund
Kontakt Stina Dahlgren,
curator Anna Kristensen,

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