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Skuggteatern 2014

In 2014, Skuggteatern offers two spectacular events, Shakespeare in Park’nIm not a girl.

With birth in Central Park, Shakespeare have been played in parks world wide. as a tourist attraction as well as a summer event for residents.

Shakespeare in park’n is an improvised performance at the popular and accessible form of theater. Shakespeare in park’n will be provided free of charge in central Umeå, Umedalen and Ersboda.
Where and when:
2-4 of july “Broparken” kl 14.00 & 19.00 , 5th of july  Umedalen, “Gropen”, kl 14.00, 6th of july Ersboda, “ängarna” (Close to the soccerfield)

picture: Marc Strömberg

I m not a girl is a play that takes action from Andrew Bruce’s own memoirs which portrays a self-perceived story of a transgender person in Sweden in the 1800s. Bruce was registered in the wrong gender in a time where gender transcendence wasn’t seen with approval from either the community or the church. Despite that the story is 200 years old, it shows how the community in many ways, still stands in the same place in the form of prejudice, violence or threats of violence against transgender people.
The play depicts and questions religious, lifestyle, and sexual cultures. This is a play of faith; that although religion rejects the one you are considering themselves blessed and protected by God. A play about prejudice and discrimination. A play about a man who gives birth to a child and raise her as any other father would have done. A play about a man who is born and buried as a woman.

Date: November 21,22,24-29

Place: Skuggteatern

Time: 19:00 (the show is 75 minutes)

Picture: Thomas Ivarsson

Organizer: Skuggteatern
Contact: Jenny Forslund
+46 90 13 33 10
+46 73 803 94 93

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