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Give me five, Umeå

The exciting, dangerous, funny and innovative Picture book is the focus of the cooperation between the Public Libraries and the Kindergarden’s of Umeå. It aims to let the children develope new abilities to express themselves and use their five senses; smell, sight, flavor, hearing and sensory through story telling, music, playing and creative activities. It is important that the children are heard and that their experiences and thoughts are counted for.

The cooperation between Kindergarden and Libraries consists of common education, exhibitions, visiting each other, story telling activities and so on,  and by the end of every year we finish up with a big Festival where we celebrate the Picture book of the year.

In 2012 we read the Picture book Kurt och Kio vill ha koja av Lisen Adbåge, 2013 Vita streck och Öjvind by Sara Lundberg and this year 2014 Emblas universum by Majken Pollack and Sara Lundberg.

Organizer: The County Library of Västerbotten, the public Libraries of Umeå, the Cultural center for children and youth in Umeå, ABF, Umeå 2014
Contact: Maria Nordenback
The public Library of Ålidhem
phone number 090-16 48 98

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