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Graffiti at a football arena

Three graffiti artists will paint the open-air stands at Vildmannavallen. A new turf field makes it possible to use the stadium for football, much more than before. The changing rooms are renovated and expanded, storage rooms and a kiosk will be established and the old wooden stands from Gammliavallen have been moved there. The arena will mostly be used by girls and boys aged 7-17 years. To make it appealing to that audience, IFK Umeå has decided to decorate the stands with graffiti.

In August 2014, graffiti artists Daniel Diaz, Pontus Rasmusson and Stefan Nilsson will paint the inside of the stands and other surfaces. The project has received a cultural boost from Umeå2014.

Organizer: IFK Umeå
Contact: Jan Brännvall
+46 70 396 12 08

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