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The Art at Umeå University

The unique art collection at the Umeå University will now be accessable for a wider audience through a printed brochure and audio guide. The art guide is to be published in 2014 and will contain works of art ordered by the National Public Art Council Sweden and a selection of the purchased art. Bildmuseet will be in charge of the editing and the production in co-operation with the national Public Art Council and Umeå University.

There will be several open viewings of the art at Umeå University during 2014. The National Public Art Council of Sweden and the department of culture and media studies /art studies, at the university, are in charge of the exposures. On a couple of occasions artists will be invited to talk about their own art at the university and also to present other artistic works at the campus. Furthermore there’s a special programme to be planned for children and youths.

Picture: Ernst Nordin’s sculpture ”Nothern light”. Photo: Mattias Pettersson.

Arrangör: Bildmuseet
Kontakt Brita Täljedal
+4690-786 7714

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