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Returning Home

Västerbotten is a traditional stronghold for dancing. Several local dancers have become household names in other parts of the world and now we are looking forward to let these strong dancing artists nourish us once again, as a host of these choreographers and dancers will return to Umeå during 2014. Their assignment will be:

  • To create a dance performance at some location in Västerbotten.
  • The location can be either indoors or outdooors depending on the circumstances.
  • The creator of the performance can interpret the themes freely.
  • The creative process is finalized on location near the community within a time span of one to three months.
  • While residing in that particular community the dancers will be in charge of workshops for the schools and the public, and also display some rehearsels (in co-operation with Skapande skola, creative school)
  • During their residence they will keep in contact with the schools and have an exchange of ideas.

The performances and rehearsels  can be connected to seminars, lectures and workshops based on the the same themes. An interplay with the organisations and activities of the community would be preferred.

The project is a part of River Stories.

Photo: Luca Candini (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Organizer: Norrlandsoperan
Contact: Clara West
+4690-15 43 18, +4670-399 24 55

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