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Horror & Art

For six weeks of our capital of culture year, Umeå will be a meeting place for horror aficionados. Discover, if you dare, a festival that takes the performing arts as its starting point and continues, via film, to music, art and science.

During the Horror & Art festival the organizer Profilteatern will stage its own performances of Utbrott (Outbreak) and the now classic En kvinna i svart (A woman in black). Also in the program are a horror version of Hansel and Gretel by Danish Gruppe 38, as well as the premiere of Factor 9, produced by Dogstar Theatre Company in Scotland.

Horror & Art will also be offering chilling storytelling evenings, explanatory lectures, workshops, locally produced horror film and art.

All shows are held at Profilteatern, Umestan Företagspark.

The festival runs from 14 February until 28 March 2014.


Organizer: Profilteatern
More information:
Contact: Patrik Ågren

Media contact:
Elin Larsson

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