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Journal of Northern Studies - special issue

The theme of the Book is Understanding North – which is also an international conference 25–26 April 2014 – and it will collect a dozen articles by international researchers from a 2013 conference regarding the North (det nordliga rummet) and its nature, culture, history and present. The North constitutes an inclusive denomination for, among other things, the northern Scandinavian area, where several communities meet, and where influences from various sources have interacted throughout history. The book will be published in January/February 2014.

The Journal of Northern Studies is a peer-reviewed academic publication issued twice a year by Umeå University and Sweden’s northernmost Royal Academy, the Royal Skyttean Society.

Organizer: Faculty of Humanities at Umeå University
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Contact: Lars-Erik Edlund
+46 70-595 33 82

P.-O. Erixon
+46 90-786 64 36
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