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Sami seasons interpreted in recipes

The first season starts January 30th, Deep winter – Time for caring. At that time we will present our first student recipe at our web, which will be followed by a new recipe for each season:

  • Deep winter – Time for caring (January 30)
  • Early Spring – Awakening (Februari 28)
  • True spring – Returning (April 30)
  • Early summer – Time of growth (June 20)
  • Summer – Time for contemplation (July 11)
  • Early autumn – Time for harvest (August 29)
  • True autumn – Incentive (October 10)
  • Early winter – Time for wandering (November 21)

Students will make their recipes with regards to the environment, economy and health.

Arrangör: Department of Food and Nutrition at Umeå University
Mer info:
Kontakt Charlotta Bergström
Phone: 090-786 64 82

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