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Women in the punk scene

In May 2012, the cultural association Verket organized a tour of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany with film screenings and talks about women’s role in the punk scene.

The film From the Back of the Room was followed by talks with its producer, Amy Oden from the United States. The film consists of interviews with women of different ages who are or have been active in the punk scene. It addresses issues related to gender, class, ethnicity and motherhood. Amy provides a deeper understanding of the social relations and share her own experiences.

– We want to discuss the situation of women in the punk scene and the music industry but also draw parallels to society at large. We hope that the film and the talks give the audience a better understanding of gender roles and structures, said David Sundqvist from the culture association Verket.

The tour started in Umeå and went through Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany in May 2012, in collaboration with a number of other organisations. Verket received a Cultural Boost from Umeå2014 to carry out the tour.

Read more about the documentary From the Back of the Room and Amy Oden and see a trailer on

Organizer: Culture Association Verket
Contact: David Sundqvist

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