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Man Must Dance

Kompani Nomad, the Sáami choreographer/dancerOla Stinnerbom,  and videomaker/creative producer Birgitta Stålnert with roots in the Vilhelmina aera. Our upcoming premiere, Man Must Dance, will be in Vilhelmina on October 8. This performance is a transnational multidanceprojekt with dancers on video link in real time or on preproduced videofilms from Sweden, Europe and different parts of the world. Our dancers are projected and live mixed in our performance. On stage we present, Helene Karabuda, Minna Mannelqvist, Simon Viklund and Ola Stinnerbom himself.

During our Danceresidence in Vilhelmina our young sáami dancers Minna and Simon really have been challenged on the floor and met other young sáamis in schools. We hope that they can be really good role models for young people and inspire some of them to start dancing. Parallelly to our rehersals irl all our dancing friends has joined the virtual dance classes on line held by Ola Stinnerbom. There are dancers from Saxnässkolan in Vilhelmina and other pupils from dancing schools in Arvika, Härnösand and Stockholm,  professional dancers from Denmark, Norway, Polen and Portugal and native dancers from Greenland and North America.

Picture: Ola Stinnerbom, photo by Birgitta Stålnert

will produce a dance performance with the working title Man Must Dance. Young promising Sami dancers will be invited to work and rehearse with him during the year with the aim to participate in a professional performance during the European Capital of Culture year 2014. The project also intends to cooperate with young North American dancers with indigenous background.

As a first preparatory part of the larger project Kompani Nomad will conduct a “mini-residency” in Vilhelmina in the autumn of 2013. There will be workshops in Sami dance, open rehearsals, and opportunities for the general public to try Sami ecstatic dance and more.

Picture: Ola Stinnerbom, photo Birgitta Stålnert.

Organizer: Kompani Nomad
More information: http://www.kompaninomad.se
Contact: Birgitta Stålnert
+46 704-61 28 68

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