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Mirror Europe

Several European cities are participating in Umeå 2014’s development project Mirror Europe, which aims to develop communication between and enrich cultural activities in the participating cities. In Mirror Europe, each city creates several productions, including murals, storytelling and interactive theatre.

In creating these productions, Mirror Europe is testing new cross-border collaborative methods, including digital cocreation processes that allow new types of meetings and interactive workshops. These innovative new forms of collaboration result in new international networks that will last long after the project ends. Mirror Europe hopes that this will lead to greater awareness and understanding of other cultures and enhanced international collaboration in Europe.

Some examples of productions include:

  • Dance Your Day – dance culture moves into new arenas, such as workplaces and hospitals.
  • Mirror Labs – artisans exchange experiences, traditional knowledge and cultural heritage.
  • Monumental Art – artists paint murals in every city in the Mirror Europe project, including Umeå.
  • Home Is Where Your Heart Is – performers use rap in an innovative way to raise awareness in the cities.

Arrangör: Umeå2014
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