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Norrbyskär theatre

Norrbyskärs unique history portrayed in a storytelling performance with music, staged on several occasions during the summer of 2014 at Norrbyskärs museum.

– Portions of Norrbyskärs history in risk of disappearing. We want to make history accessible in an easy way and hope that this will help to preserve it, says Astrid Ahl, Hörnefors cultural association.

The project targets both to residents in the Umeå region and tourists, but also young people who visit the island’s summer camp. A project partner is Hörnefors parish and they hop young people also will be involved in creating the performance.

Norrbyskär is an island in the Västerbotten archipelago. From 1895 to 1952 it was the location of a steam-powered sawmill, which at one time was one of the largest of its kind in Europe, owned by the Mo och Domsjö corporation. Initiator of the mill was the then head of the company Frans Kempe. Today Norrbyskär a a popular tourist destination and the home of a summer camp for children.

Organizer: Hörnefors cultural association
Contact: Astrid Ahl
+46 920-20233, +46 70-2930888

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