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Roller derby

Radical Rookie Rebellion

Roller derby is a full contact sport for women that combines the figure skater’s advanced techniques with the toughness of hockey. It is played on an oval track, on classic roller skates, and is fairly new in Sweden. But it is growing rapidly, many teams have just started and have limited opportunities to play matches.

The Umeå Roller Derby Association invites players from all over Sweden to this daylong event in Umeå. The target audience is primarily those who have not had the opportunity to play the game before, or those who played once or twice but are still pretty new to roller derby. Members of Umeå Roller Derby will organize the event in collaboration with other roller derby associations in Sweden.

The event will take place in May 2014.

Photo: Nina Matthews. Creative Commons: Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) / Cropped.

Organizer: Umeå Roller Derby
Contact: Maurine Filip
+46 70 486 16 03

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