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River Stories

One of the most characteristic elements of the Västerbotten landscape is the rivers running down from the mountains in the west to the sea in the east. River Stories is a series of performances, projects and events centred on the rivers and their importance to the development of Västerbotten and its culture.

The performances will tour the county, demonstrating how the rivers have always been a source of energy, how they serve as transportation routes for people, timber and food and how they provide recreation for people who need to relax. NorrlandsOperan is managing the project with one goal of increasing regional involvement and that of local key figures through activities and participation.

River Stories is also intended to create, regenerate and support organisers of cultural events in Västerbotten. The project will create venues in the region and pave the way for roadshows to showcase local offerings.

You can find all of the projects connected to River Stories here.

Cloud Shadow, the choir project Manaj vuöllie, the musical project Stor Nila and the dance project Returning Home are also parts of River Stories.

News about this project
March 2012: The river as a source of inspiration

Arrangör: Norrlandsoperan
Kontakt Erik Palm

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