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Sune Jonsson Centre for Documentary Photography

A national platform for documentary photography is to be established with The Sune Jonsson Centre of Documentary Photography (SJCD) in connection with the museum of Västerbotten. Jonsson’s classical and much-loved photos will of course be on display – but also some lesser known ones. Furthermore there will be a chance to experience other documentary photographers work. A wide range of program activities such as seminars,workshops, guided exhibitions and access to a photo archive will also be attached to the Centre. The idea is to inspire further discussions that can generate new perspectives to the process concerning documentary photography. SJCD is a public project and will be a great source of knowledge for the schools, higher educations as well as for professional and amateur photographers.

A new monograph is also released by the museum of Västerbotten i co-operation with the publisher Max Ström. The book will be published in  Swedish and English.

Picture: Märta Olofsson, Aronsjö, 1961. Photo: Sune Jonsson.

Arrangör: Västerbottens museum
Kontakt Britta Lundgren
+4690 16 39 00
+4670 2097 026

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