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Next Level Craft - Sloydify Society

The handicraft project Next Level Craft wants to “sloydify” society by connecting northern Swedish handicraft with arts and crafts, in the present and future. The end result will be a handicraft manifestation with a real WOW-factor, an exhibition at Västerbottens museum.

Through the programme concept Sloydify Society, the project will meet values associated with handicraft, such as life-long learning, doing things together over ages and generations, keeping the cultural heritage alive as well as keep evolving, human fulfilment and meaning of life. This will be done on multiple levels such as in city gardening, schools, leisure projects and the care of seniors citizens.

Organizer: Västerbottens läns hemslöjdsförening
Contact: Mats Pallin
+46 70-370 53 19

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