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Dance performance

The City

Welcome to the City!

Where people meet and roads are crossed, here buildings and lives grow and fall apart. Layer upon layer in a refined, ongoing choreography.

As a part of the Capital of Culture in Umeå 2014, the dance collective Nomodaco presents a diverse performance in installation form.

As a city holds a variety of expressions, construction and coincidence blends together, as the real city and its residents become part of the piece. The City comes to life at sunset, within a shifting set design outside at the Arts Campus and inside the newly opened Sliperiet.

The project brings together local and international artists with a wide range of exciting expressions. The piece is built on modules created by the artistic team, as well as invited choreographers from Finland, France and Vietnam.

 Nomodaco – Northern Movement Dance Company – is a contemporary dance collective run by the dancers and choreographers Anna Ehnberg, Carolina Bäckman and Tove Skeidsvoll. Based in Umeå since 2002, they collaborate with artists and institutions, and create new projects in local and international residencies.

 Artistic Direction: Nomodaco

Organizer: Danskonst i norr / Nomodaco
More information:
Contact: Emmy Astbury
+4673-801 53 14

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