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Stieg Larsson

Journalist and best-selling author Stieg Larsson grew up in Umeå and became world famous for his Millennium trilogy.

His series of novels has sold a staggering 63 million copies and been translated into 50 languages. As Stieg Larsson died when he was only 50 years old he never got to see for himself how popular his books had become. Nonetheless, his work is immortalised and his recognition as an honorary citizen means he has now been given an eternal place in Umeå’s history. Larsson’s authorship and life’s work will be spotlighted during the capital of culture year.

Author Lars Widding (1988), footballer Gunnar Nordahl (1991) and EU commissioner Anita Gradin (1997) are the previous recipients of this title.

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May 2012: Stieg Larsson honorary citizen of Umeå

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