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Events for this project:

Issues of survival

Survival Kit

Taking place between September 20th and October 19th, Survival Kit is the largest project ever conceived by the artist collective Verkligheten (transl. The Reality). The thematics of survival is interpreted in a broad sense of the word and deals with some of the most crucial issues of our time. The point of departure are works made by contemporary artists from around the globe. A high variation regarding perspective, ways of presentation and technique. Shifiting from films, drawings, painting, performance, installations, and soundpieces; presented in a poetic, documentary, critical or solutionbased manner.
The initiative to Survival Kit was taken by our colleagues at Latvian Center of Contemporary Art, which under a socio-economic crisis made the foundation as a creative way for critique against the current system and inspiration for other ways of living.
As their 6th Survival Kit Festival is ongoing in September, our very first is about to start!
The Festival in Umeå is made in collaboration with several partners and financiers. It’s based on 35-40 artworks by 31 artists/groups. These form an ensemble togheter with lectures, films, seminars, workshops and music.
All events are free of charge!
For further details, se events on the left hand side of this page, or visit our webpage or Facebook group.

Some participating artists (of 31): Ohya Rica, Japan, Antti Laitinen, Finland, Zanele Muholi, South Africa, Chto Delat? Russia and John Söderberg, Sweden.
Among some of the invited writers, journlists, historians activists etc, there are names such as: Derrick Jensen, USA, Vandana Shiva, India, Lasse Berg,  Åsa Moberg, Lisa Gålmark and Po Tidholm, Sweden.
Some of the musicians/bands are: The Great Park/Stephen Burch, UK/Germany, Julia Hariz, Sweden, Jenny Wrangborg och Stationen, Sweden, Väärt, Sweden

Most works are placed in two clusters:

  • 1Verkligheten – Pilgatan 16, Café Planet – Kungsgatan 101 and Kungsgatan 92
  • 2) Parts of the old University Hospital – Building 9
  • Other places are the Trailer GalleryVänortsparken and Vita Kuben (inside Norrlandsoperan). Some artworks are mobile or appear att different spots at different dates.

Lectures and Seminars are placed at the Flexhall in Bildmuseet, Café Planet at Kungsgatan 101 and Bokcafé Pilgatan.

Music is performed during the opening day, at a temporary scene between Verkligheten and Bokcafé Pilgatan. During the other days of the festival, at Folkets Bio and Flexhallen at Bildmuseet.

The Days of Film, takes place October 10-12 at Folkets Bio.

No entrance fees! Some events might be very popular so be sure to be there in time, or, as with lectures at the Bookcafé, seats can be reserved by contacting Bokcafé Pilgatan.

General opening hours (for exhibitions) are Tuesday 3-8 pm (15.00-20.00), Wednesday-Sunday 12-5pm (, Mondays closed.
Please consult our program or each event on Umeå2014/Facebook/Homepage etc, to find opening hours and other details for seminars, concerts, etc.

You’ll find all events at Umeå2014, our webpage/app and on Facebook. During the festival days, there will be an info-hub at the bottom floor in one of Verklighetens buildings at Pilgatan 16. Otherwise we are trying our best to answer all e-amils and telephone calls.

PROGRAM (general)
Festival Venues: [V] Verkligheten, Pilgatan 16, [K92] Kungsgatan 92, [NUS] Byggnad 9, Norrlands Universitetssjukhus, [K101] Café Planet, Kungsgatan 101, [VK] Vita Kuben, Norrlandsoperan, [TG] Trailer Gallery, [VP] Vänortsparken, [M] Mobilt (various places outside) [BC] Bokcafé Pilgatan. [BM] Bildmuseet – The Flexhall

Friday September 12 – The Glasshouse
What is Survival? A pre-taste of the festival
12-3 pm Artist Lisa Busby – sound performance inside of the Glasshouse
12-3 pm Couches, fika, books, videoclips – get to know Survival Kit!
3-4.30 pm Speech in English: : Maria Del Mar Becerra – Understanding our human path and envisioning a future
4.30-5 pm Q&A with Maria
6.00-7 pm Film : Disruption – in English
7.00-7.30 pm Discussion
7.30-8.30 pm Film: Freedom Ahead – in English
8.30-9 pm Discussion

Friday September 19 – BM – in Swedish & English
6–8 pm Artist presentations

Saturday  September 20
10-12 am Breakfast lecture with Åsa Moberg – BC  – in Swedish
11–4 pm Horse and carriage goes between most venues
12-5 pm Opening of all venues
12.00-12.05 Music – Mona Ersare V
12.00-12.05 Speeches V – in Swedish & English
12.20-12.45 Music – Mona Ersare continues V
12.30 Performance with Anthony Clair Wagner – V
12.30–4 Music – Pilgatan/Kungsgatan
1-4 Pantry talks V – Pantry – in English
4-5 artist Lisa Busby performs V
7-7.15 Presentation – Survival Kit, Riga – K101 – in English
7.20–10 Concerts- K101
Mona Ersare, Umeå, The Gravedigger and The Teacher, Umeå, Julia Hariz, Umeå, The Great Park, Germany
10 Music and dance – DJ Bitsocker – K101

Sunday  September 21  – BM – in Swedish & English
Harvest feast with the City Gardeners – V
11-12.30 am Artist presentations – BM
12.30-1.30 pm Lunch
1.30-5 pm Artist presentations – BM

Saturday  September 27 – V – Pantry
Taste of Transparency – Umeå Pantry shares food from the cooking workshop with Restauranghögskolan – V

Saturday October 4, kl 4.30-8 pm – K101 – in English
A symposium on food politics, biodiversity and taste-driven economy.
Made in collaboration with Studiefrämjandet. There will be local and international guests including:
-Pavlos Georgiadis, scientist, farmer and writer
Arne Lindström and Mats Granath, The Federation of Swedish Farmers in Västerbotten (LRF)
Susanne Hjort, Human Geography
Morten Rasmussen, Nordic Genetic Resource Center
Moderator: Wapke Feenstra, Myvillages

Thursday October 9, kl 2-9 pm – BM – in English
Seminar – What is to be done?
Humanity and the whole biosphere is faced with urgent questions – do we solve everything by a change of light-bulbs, sorting trashes and buying fair trade products, or should we rather rethink our place on this planet and drastically change our behaviour?
Moderator: – Karl Johan Bonnedahl, lektor vid Handelshögskolan, Umeå Universitet
14.00-14.10 Introduction by Alexander Svartvatten, project manager Survival Kit
14.10-14.45 Vandana Shiva, philosopher, activist [customized film speech for Survival Kit]
14.55-15.25 Niclas Kaiser, senior lecturer in Psychology, Umeå University
15.30-16.05 Régine Debatty, curator, critic & blogger
16.20-16.55  Pavlos Georgiadis, farmer, author,  ethnobiologist
17.00-17.35 Lisa Gålmark, historian, critic, author
17.45-18.45 Dinnerbreak – free soup and bread  – first come first served
18.50-19.30 Derrick Jensen, author, environmentalist [via Skype]
19.30-21.00 Discussion

Friday October 10 – Sunday October 12 – FB – in English & Swedish
Days of film – film, music and talks
Among the featured films are much awarded : Dreamland, Future My Love and Evaporating Borders
Sat Oct 11, there is a talk after the film Call me Kuchu, with Naome Ruzindana, LGBTIG-aktivist from Rwanda
See separate schedule for more info

Friday October 10, kl 5-7 pm – V – Pantry – in Swedish or English
Azolla Cooking Workshop With Erik Sjödin @ Umeå Pantry in connection with his art project at the Survival Kit Festival.
Azolla is a fast-growing and nutritious water plant which has been suggested as a sustainable alternative to other greens.

Friday October 10, kl 10 pm – FB
A concert with Jenny Wrangborg och Stationen

Saturday-Sunday October 11-12  – V – Pantry
12.00-5.00 pm A food market with local producer. Talks will be held about baking bread and cheese production. Oyster mushrooms are cooked and tunnbröd is being baked – Come and join us!
Some of the participating producers: Bodabackens Ekobruk, Kamrose, Barkbröd from Västerbotten, Swedfungi AB, Nyhems Handelsträdgård, Hagabröd, Hansen Charkuteri and Svedjan Ost.

Saturday October 11, kl 3-5 pm – K101 – in Swedish or English
Biodome Seminar With Erik Sjödin @ Café Planet on Kungsgatan 101, following his “Azolla Cooking Workshop” on 10 October.
The guest speakers include Enrique Lescure from Earth Organisation for Sustainability and Alexander R. Bascom, Green Free Will & initiator of the Biodome project in Lögdeå.

Sunday  October 12 – V – Pantry
Oyster Mushroom Cooking Workshop – in English & Swedish
With Renyuan Huang @ Umeå Pantry. A Chinese ex- finance specialist decided to gratify his love and need for the best quality mushrooms by starting up his own farm/company, Swedfungi AB. He will share his mushroom recipes with us.

Friday October 17 
5.00-8.00 pm We’re offering free food from the pantry and have talks with Stephen Lynam from MinFarm, and othersV – Pantry – in Swedish
6.30 pm Lecture with Lasse Berg – BC  – in Swedish

Friday October 17- 19
Maskinen Art Boat – Umeå-Wasaline-Vasa

Saturday October 18 pm Open Food Futures – Get some food and talk with us about sustainable food culture – K101
3-4.30 pm Lecture- Fukushima – Atsuko Otsuka, Photographer, JapanBM –  in English

Sunday October 19 – BM  – in Swedish
Worthy or Unworthy? 

1:00-4.30 pm: Film screening of Ovärdet with a discussion
Moderator: Moa Sandström. Participants:
Po TidholmGustav Hillbom and Lis-Marie Hjortfors.
7:00 pm: Concert with Väärt and David Väyrynen


Survival Kit is financially supported by:  Umeå2014, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Nordic Culture Point, Swedish Arts Council, Region Västerbotten, Längmanska Kulturfonden, Spanish Embassy, Arkitektkopia
The art piece “Umeå Pantry” has recieved extra funding and support  from: Dutch Culture, SV-NL 400, LRF, Studiefrämjandet


Organizer: Survival Kit Umeå / Galleri Verkligheten
More information:
Contact: Alexander Svartvatten
+4690-10 99 00

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