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The Swedish National Slampionship 2014

Sweden’s biggest poetry slam event will 2014 take place in Umeå – The Swedish National Slampionship! Poetry slam is a poetry competition, an emotional explosion dressed in words performed on a stage. Each poet has three minutes to deliver their poems with feeling and and linguistic finesse. The competition’s outcome is decided by the audience which subjectively gives point to the poets for their poems and performance.

During The Swedish National Poetry Slam Championship the best poetry slam poets of Sweden will battle in this poetical competition.  New for this year is that The Swedish National Slampionship is open – with two teams from Riga and Finland. There will also be exciting side competitions such as improvised poetry slam – where the poets have to make new poems on the stage out of certain set words.

The Swedish National Slampionship is an annual event since 1997, and is the culmination of a year of local competitions on various locations throughout Sweden. Four poets from each city or region is sent to The Swedish National Slampionship to represent their region and battle to become Sweden’s best scene poets of 2014.

Organizer: Poetry Slam Sverige, Umeå Poetry Slam, ABF etc
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