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#tag2014 is a research project that began in 2013 at the Department of Applied Educational Science at Umeå University.

The project aims to examine the use of Google Glass in a specific learning environment, where the learning process is shaped as a treasure hunt or a gamification connected to the Capital of Culture year.

Students at the Interaction and Design will develop a tool for Google Glass that can add and extract place related information; making it possible to bind information to physical locations by specifying the coordinates the information is tied to, as well as a specific radius where the information will be shown.

Students at Industrial echonomics and technical physics will create challenges and problems for school children to solve. These challenges will be connected to current Google Glass-functionality as well as the technical solution previously mentionend.

The project, which involves four institutions at Umeå University, is led by Eva Mårell-Olsson

Implementation: May 2014. (see separate calender event)

Partners: CGI, Algoryx, Dohi Sweden.

Photo: Ted Eytan, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Organizer: Applied Educational Science at Umeå University
Contact: Eva Mårell-Olsson
070-325 80 32

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