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Textile Norrland Live

Through the Textile Norrland Live – Live Performance project, fashion designer Sara Burkhard wants to create a host of innovative textile and fashion performances. There is to be a first interactive performance in spring 2013.

The project aims to create an audience awareness of the new, young, textile industry in northern Sweden.

“This event is intended to show Umeå´s fashion creators in a fresh, bold and new way that will put the new Umeå fashion scene not only on the Swedish fashion map, but also on the international,” explains Sara Burkhard, designer and the project´s initiator.

The project´s first fashion event in spring 2013 will comprise a performance supported by music and video. It will be free and open to all.

“The idea is to have an annual performance. This will be in Umeå and will gradually grow and improve. In 2014, for example, it could be held in a large public place while also being filmed and broadcast live on the web,” states Sara.

The project also aims to develop a network in the new, young, textile industry in Umeå and thereby encourage talented people at the start of their creative paths to dare to take the step into the industry.

“By showing them that it is possible to work in the textile industry here, it is hoped that this will get domestic talent to stay in Norrland. However, it should also attract new talent to come here,” concludes Sara.

The Textile Norrland Live – Live performance project is receiving SEK 20,014 from the Cultural Boost and Umeå2014.

Contact: Sara Burkhard
+46 76 846 20 07

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