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A mobile gallery

Trailer Gallery

Trailer Gallery is a portable art scene and a new space for exhibitions and happenings located in Umeå.

The gallery is constructed on wheels which makes it possible to bring exhibitions to non-art spaces where it meets a new audience. This also gives the artists a unique opportunity to connect their exhibition to a site specific location. The gallery room frequently transforms with new openings popping up on different spots around the city. The short exhibitions and the working area of barely 8 m² make Trailer Gallery an alternative and dynamic art scene.

During the Capital of Culture year, 22 different exhibitions will be displayed in and around the city.

The mobile gallery, built like a room on wheels, is environmentally friendly with natural light and solar panels on the roof.

The vision is that the gallery’s availability will increase the public interest in and commitment to the cultural life of Umeå.

Organizer: Evelina Sjöström, Filippa Nilsson Kallhed, Erika Stöckel
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