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Transformation is an exciting collaboration between three artists, Andreas Hedberg, Ingrid Karlsson-Kemp och Petra Lundström. The three artists have developed their personal interpretations of the theme transformation, each with a wholly new series of work specially for Umea2014.

Below is a presentation of the three artists.

Andreas Hedberg, Vännäs, was born in 1971 and has worked as a professional artist since 1991. He was trained at Umeå konstskola, otherwise autodidact.

He spends a lot of time in the outdoors, in the woods and around water; in the winter time he sometimes works from a studio in Spain.

Hedberg is mostly renowned for his animal and nature painting  from the Nordic fauna, in recent years mainly birds. His characteristic style involves a special technique in oils and synthetic resins; detailed, full of life with skilfully captured light. His art is atmospheric and harmonious, where expressive subject matter comes alive with Andreas’ ability to create presence  in his work.

Hedberg is also a talented portrait artist and he has had many exhibitions around Sweden, and in Finland, England and Spain.

“My pictures are created from the fascination with life, a life which continuously changes and is re-created. All physical life is affected by perpetual waves and fluctuations which create balance. This balance is not static, it is vibrating and dynamic.

Our common origin is transformed eternally.

We are at a point in time where we more than ever need to open our senses to life and value it.”


Ingrid Karlsson-Kemp, Mixed Media Artist, grew up on a dairy farm outside Ume in Vasterbotten. She lives in The Peak District, UK, and studied fine art at City College Manchester, and Manchester Art School (MMU).

Ingrid has exhibited regularly for the past 20 years. She welcomes commissions and was in 2012 asked to create the cover image for the famous Buxton Festival. She runs regular workshops, and gives demonstrations and talks.

As a versatile mixed media artist, Ingrid believes art should tell a meaningful story to the beholder. Her narrative style of work is inspired by memories, places and experiences influenced by magical sceneries and ever-changing colours. Ingrid’s approach creates rich, colourful textures developed from recycled materials, where favoured techniques include collage, mono-printing and machine stitching.

“Transformation requires an expanded awareness coupled with a willingness to let go of the old. Let it begin with me, my dreams, my self image, my experiences and perceptions. That is how our values change and everything in life becomes a vehicle for transformation.”

Petra Lundström was born in 1973 and grew up in Västerbotten, studied at  Umeå Konstskola and the Art School in Gothenburg. Petra lives in London since 1999.

She has exhibited frequently, including shows in Paris and London.

In her work Petra uses symbols, mixed media techniques, liquid gold and text fragments to depict life. Her inspiration comes from her own life. When young she was afflicted by cancer and Crohn’s disease.

Her experience has helped form her creativity. As an artist she would like her work to pose questions, so that the viewers may connect and look at their own life   issues.

“I am interested and work almost solely with the journey life itself subjects us to. I am fascinated by the little human being’s physical and spiritual power to change.”

In this exhibition I have developed a series of light works, with elements of classical symbols, such as keys, angels’ wings and the butterfly. Symbolism for the conditions of change – a transformation”


Organizer: Vännäsbygdens Konstförening
Contact: Valter Karlsson
+46 935 23160

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