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Tráhppie - Sámi culture house

Don’t miss the Sami heritage house, which opened in 2012. In Ume Sami the word tráhppie means “an antler with many tines”. This is a fitting name for the multifunctional building where you can buy Sami crafts, read Sami books and look at exhibitions. Lectures and joik concerts will be held throughout the year and the café serves Sami delicacies, such as gáhkku (a special flat bread) with reindeer meat, raw spiced charr and boiled coffee with coffee cheese. Tráhhpie brings together Sami from all of Sápmi.

Tráhppie is also a meeting place for community-sponsored Sami activities, as Umeå is the Sami language administrative district.

At least 32 different activities are planned at Tráhppie in the Gammlia area of Umeå in 2014. These include lectures, joik performances and other events. Some examples of lecturers include Krister Stoor, Anna-Marja Kaddik, Sara Helén Persson, Patrik Lantto, Annelill Ledman, Max Lundström, and Gudrun Nordstedt. Some of the lectures will be filmed and played later on a big screen.

Content will be presented in various languages, including English and German, so that international visitors can also learn about Sámi culture. In addition, Såhkie wants to work with other aboriginal peoples such as the Livonians in Latvia.

Arrangör: Umeå Sámi Association
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Kontakt Eva Conradzon

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