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Umeå and Riga

Choir reunion

From 1987 to 2005, an annual exchange was done between school choirs at Dragonskolan in Umeå and Nataljas Draudzinas gymnasium and the Hansa Gymnasium in Riga. The choirs met every other year in Riga and every other year in Umeå. The participants lived with host families, went on outings together and gave concerts. Now a reunion is planned with joint concerts in Riga and Umeå.

In May 2014, choir members from Riga will travel to Umeå for rehearsals and a joint appearance at Kulturnatta. After a few days in Umeå they will go back to Riga together with singers from Umeå to participate in an event at the Cultural Ziemelblazma, organized in collaboration with Riga 2014.

Organizer: Elisabeth Holm
Contact: +46 90-194031

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