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Cultural Exchange

Umeå - Jurbarkas

Families from Jubarkas, Lithuania, will visit Umeå in 2013 to be inspired to create their own cultural expressions. The idea is that the families after the visit in Umeå will work on a variety of cultural expressions, and documenting work at home in Lithuania. The goal is then that the families will present their work in Umeå during the Capital of Culture year 2014.

“The Messengers” (Budbärarna) is an association within IOGT-NTO (the largest temperance organization in Sweden). It consists of people with experiences of drug and alcohol addiction, now running a develoment project to create a recreation area by the Tavelsjö lake near Umeå. As part of the project, the association has established links with disadvantaged families in the city Jurbarkas in Lithuania.

Photo: Jurbarkas town. (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Organizer: IOGT NTO Budbärarna
Contact: Patrik Åström

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