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Umeå Creator Prize

Umeå has a new prize in the field of culture. It will go to Umeå’s creative talents at an annual festival, Umeå Skaparpris (Umeå Creator Prize).

In the funding application, it is stated that the goal is to create more creation by:

  • Throwing the spotlight on creators and creations that would not otherwise have a high profile.
  • Helping people from various creative fields get to know each other.
  • Honouring creators in order to thereby support and acknowledge the importance of what they do.
  • Inspiring others by showing what is being done and by whom.
  • Enabling not only the showcasing of what is created in Umeå, but also the communicating of this to the rest of Sweden and the world.

“The idea came from Umeå not having an occasion where it was possible to meet people from different creative fields. As individuals, people are perhaps not aware of what is being done in fields outside their own,” comments Anders Gunnarsson, manager of the Umeå Skaparpris project.

In the form of an open exhibition, the first festival and prize ceremony took place in January 2013. The target group is all Umeå residents interested in seeing what is being created in Umeå and by whom.

“We also want to encourage Umeå residents to make nominations,” says Anders.

In the first year, a prize will be awarded in each of the six following categories: Image of the year, Animation of the year, Design of the year, Text of the year, Sound of the year and Creator of the year. The award of prizes will be based on creativity, execution and effect rather than on financial success and exposure figures.

The project´s other sponsors thus far are Plakat AB and Moment 77. Funding is also being sought from Film Västerbotten and the arm of a development project, Selling, that covers the Västerbotten region.

Photo: Kara Allyson. Creative Commons: Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0)

More information:
Contact: Anders Gunnarsson
+46 735-331771

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