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Umepedia is a project that is about creating the first Wikipedia City in the Nordic Countries. The project aims at putting Umeå on the digital map by improving articles related to Umeå on a number of languages of Wikipedia. Signs with QR codes located next to sights in the city connects the physical world with the digital and takes you to the article in the language that you are using on your smartphone. Through this project more people than ever can take part of Umeå’s rich history and culture.

The project makes it easier than ever for international guests to learn about Umeå’s culture in other languages than Swedish. The target group is vast and includes young people, tourists and immigrants. People that for different reasons have a hard time reading can get the text read out loud with the help of apps that are free and easy to download to their phones, a major benefit compared to an ordinary sign.

The initiator to Umepedia is the non-profit association Wikimedia Sverige, an organization that amongst other things supports Wikipedia. Help us make this amazing project successful by participating in our events and learn how to contribute with your knowledge to Wikipedia. Help us shape the content on the world’s sixth most used website. You can also participate in our writing and photo contest that we will organize during 2014. We would also appreciate if you tell all your friends about the project!

Everybody gains from a better Wikipedia. Visit for more info.

The project has been awarded a Culture Boost by Umeå2014.

News about this project:
April 2013: Smartphones as Umeå encyclopedia

Organizer: Wikimedia Sweden
Contact: John Andersson
+4673-396 51 89

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