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The Umeå region reads

This project aims to create a reading movement that turns the entire city and region into a gigantic book club. Residents should also get to know the Umeå region through literature.

The “one book – one place” idea has been trialled at several locations in the world. It is based on the residents of one geographical location reading the same book in a defined period of time. The Umeå region is now to be included in the international network that is currently being built up around this reading movement that is creating entirely new literary meetings.

“We want to take literature and literary discussion out into streets, squares, parks, workplace canteens and food store checkout queues,” explains Jenny Berggren, librarian at Grubbebiblioteket (Grubbe Library). “We want to make literature available even outside traditional places such as libraries and book shops.”

The idea is that, each year from now on, the book club should be based on a new, jointly chosen book. As the project also seeks to strengthen the status of local literature, these books must be set somewhere in the Umeå region. Being able to experience literature in the places described by the books gives further depth to the project. It is also possible to incorporate literary walks, trips, guided tours and lectures that throw light on various aspects of the literature.

“The goals for 2014 are that, in the Umeå region, the reading movement should be so well known that it is self-perpetuating; that those who work with culture in the region should know what the movement is all about; and that, at the end of each completed year, residents should be inquisitive about the book for the following year. Everyone should feel co-creative,” comments Jenny Berggren.

Those involved in The Umeå region reads include Västerbotten museum, the Workers´ Educational Association (Umeå region), the Umeå region´s libraries, Kulturföreningen Pilgatan, Krumelur (an association promoting literature for children and youths), Din Bok, Bokcafé Pilgatan, Bokia-Åkerbloms, Littfest (the largest literature festival in northern Sweden), the library of Umeå University and regional newspaper Västerbottens-Kuriren.

Arrangör: Grubbe Library
Kontakt Dehbroa Lindberg
+46 90-16 33 90

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