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City Development

Urban Forum

Urban Forum is a network with the central goal of developing ideas and methods for long-term sustainable city development. During our capital of culture year Urban Forum will be focusing on the city’s public spaces and masterminding several social, technical and cultural activities. The latter include dialogues, major rebuilding and temporary installations in Umeå.

Urban Forum is the result of a general municipal management assignment based on openness, democracy and equality.

The eight seasons park
As part of developing the city area between Umeå’s bridges, Lugn och Ro – de åtta årstidernas park (Peace and Quiet – the eight seasons’ park), is officially being opened during the ‘season of tending’.

Umedalen adventure playground
The ‘season of returning’ sees the inauguration of Äventyrsleken på Umedalen (Umedalen adventure playground), a new meeting place for all those who like to play and discover. A district party based on the local residents’ interests (e.g. graffiti, choir singing and acrobatics) signals the opening. The adventure playground has been created through an active dialogue with Umedalen residents.

In the ‘season of growing’ an innovative garden will be shooting to new heights. Vasaplan is the heart of public transport in Umeå and the focus will be on how it can be developed. The challenge is to realise concepts such as ’discovering’, ‘transforming’, ‘making accessible’ and ‘communicating’. Vasaplan is a national collaboration project.

Organizer: Umeå Municipality
Contact: Carl Arnö
+46 70 557 03 23

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