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Snow and ice

Winter City 2014

Winter city is a much-appreciated tradition in Umeå. In 2014 it is being developed into a celebration of our long winter and the endless opportunities for activities and experiences offered by the snow, ice and cold. In the year’s coldest months we transform the city into an arena for winter experiences. It features installations such as an exquisitely crafted, exciting snow fortress and a centrally located snowboarding park. The initiatives of residents are captured and added to with the know-how of experts and artists. Exchanges of ideas and skills with other winter cities will boost the event and build the contact networks Umeå needs to be a first-class winter city for 2014 and the future! Winter city is an important element in the inauguration and will be a prominent part of the city’s scenography throughout this cold season.

Organizer: Umeå kommun
Contact: Anna Flatholm

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