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Exchange between Umeå and Würzburg

For 22 years, Würzburg in Germany has been a sister town to Umeå. During June 2014 Umeå will be visited by almost 100 guests from Würzburg. Apart from an official visit, artists and musicians will visit and perform in Umeå as well. As a second step in this exchange, artists and musicians from Umeå are going to visit Würzburg this autumn. The exchange is a collaboration between Umeå Muncipality, Umeå 2014, Lilla Galleriet, Umeå rock- och popkör, Random Basterds, Skuggteatern, Sebastian Mügge, et. al. and equivalent parties in Würzburg.

KONST Umeå-Würzburg

Subkutan – Lilla galleriet

Collaboration concert Umeå rock- and popchoir and Voices from Würzburg.

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